Our Colors

Our Colors Say a Lot About Who We Are.

Our palette helps our audiences identify us at a glance, and the way we use color sets the mood for each of our pieces. The elements of our palette are diverse and flexible, but to maintain visual consistency across all university materials, use only the colors outlined in this section.

Primary Palette

Always use the color values listed. They have been adjusted for the best reproduction on screen and in print, and may not match Pantone Color Bridge breakdowns.

In general, the color code sources originated from Pantone Color Bridge Coated, First Edition, Third Printing, 2010.







Neon Spot

*When offset printing through a professional print vendor, always use the spot version of the neon green (PMS 375).

Process Alternate

When printing digitally, or in-house, use the CMYK process values (46/0/90/0).



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